Is your roof tired, faded, dented or rusty? Does the cosmetic look of your existing roof leave you completely underwhelmed? If you are looking to lift the aesthetic look of your home or commercial property whether are wanting to sell or not, nothing can be a quicker, brighter face lift for your property than replacing the roof with a metal roofing solution. Not only are you investing in a profound refurbishment of your property using quality and long lasting metal material but also investing in its protection as a new roof eliminates:

• Structural weakness
• Leaks
• Mould
• Damaged ceilings

Sleek new lines and a refreshed street appeal are now apparent and if selling, only adds to the maximum amount sought in a sale. It now has wow factor!

We are the experts in bringing to life the largest part of a residential property or commercial building, the roof. We only work with quality roofing materials to ensure you receive best value for money and with licensed tradesmen so you ultimately have a long lasting, aesthetically appealing and structurally sound roof with exceptional guarantees to match. 

What You'll Get

All your roofing and cladding needs can be catered for by Water-Mart Roofing including patch repairs, re-roofing and new installation, removal of old iron and debris.

For all your roofing needs