We Are Experts

Plumbing, Gas fitting, Drainlaying, Roofing, Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry Design


Watermart Wairarapa, is synonymous for its customer service, experienced and qualified tradesmen and Master Plumbers guarantee of quality. We are experts in the likes of plumbing, gas, drainage, roofing and know how to execute your renovation needs to the highest standard. 

Known for our specialist plumbing and roofing skills, Watermart has a full showroom on display. Here, we provide design consultations from our in-house design team and celebrate our extensive range of kitchen, bathroom, and laundry fittings, along with heating options, water filters, roofing options and pumps. We work closely with local suppliers and businesses, always using reputable brands with market leading warranties that are second to none. 

Watermart Wairarapa is serious when it comes to your renovation needs. Whether it be plumbing and roofing or internally managed comprehensive kitchen, bathroom and laundry design packages. From renovations, rural to residential, commercial to maintenance or from budget conscious to luxury upgrades. At Watermart Wairarapa, we have a specialist in-house that can, not just get the job done, but achieve impeccable quality, without fail.


Quality & Integrity



Watermart Wairarapa are industry leaders and have set a high standard for customer service, with qualified and professional tradesmen working to create efficient renovation options for the Wairarapa region. Together, we aim high and strive to be a dynamic business, moving with current trends, and the demands of a growing market. 

Watermart are committed to giving back to the industry and take the time to employ, care and train apprentices to a distinguished level, benefiting our industry and New Zealand as a whole. Working with merchants and suppliers who share the same values is important to us. We take pride in working alongside other local businesses to maintain and grow mutually beneficial relationships that enable us to add value to the Wairarapa market, and to our customers.  

Together we are a qualified, experienced and talented team who are proud to give back to the local community with the Watermart Charitable Trust, facilitating local trades people to build houses, which upon selling, profits are donated to local education and sporting groups.

We are an integral part of the Wairarapa community and are committed to continuing our high level of trade whilst guaranteeing exceptional customer satisfaction. Join us and together we can create exquisite design solutions for your renovation project.